Grace Groups

Grow and Connect

Grace Groups exist for the purpose of teaching the Word of God in such a way that we make and train disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ to obey all that he has commanded by equipping them with an in-depth knowledge of His Word, a thorough understanding of its demands, and practical instruction in applying His Word to daily life. In other words, the purpose of Christian education is to make disciples of Christ – people who love, follow, and obey the Master (John 14:15; James 1:22-25). What a great incentive to find the rich treasures of growing in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior!
 These small groups are also a place of connection and ministry among the people of God. The connection results in assimilation and genuine fellowship. Mutual ministry aids in carrying out the “one another” pleas of the Scripture.
Therefore, Grace Groups align with Grace Place’s mission of helping its people in knowing the grace of God in a saving way; growing in the grace of God in a maturing way; showing the grace of God in a ministering way, and going with the grace of God to the ends of the earth.
We encourage guests to try out a few different Grace Groups, they each have a different character, to find the one that fits them best. 
Grace Group 1 – (Mark & Susan Buck)
Grace Group 2 – (Adam & Casey Shupe)
Grace Group 3 –  (Steve & Cindy Hawley)
Grace Group 4 –  (Benny & Pam Green)
Grace Group 5 - (Aaron and Merci Hale)
Grace Group 6 –  (Brian & Peggy Emerson)
Grace Group 7 –  (Dalton & Veda Griffin)
Grace Group 8 – (Jim & Debbie Johnson)
The Women of Grace Group – (Liz Colvard)
The Men of Grace Group –  (Richard Brown)
Young Adults  – (Titus & Jessica Reiter)

Can't decide which Grace Group to try first? Fill out this form and we can help point you in the right direction.