It is our desire here at Grace Place that our student ministry makes much of Christ.

The aim of the student ministry is to teach students who Christ is, how to serve Him, and how to serve others. Our hope is that students will graduate into adulthood with an understanding of what it means to walk the faith well.


Upcoming Events 



Impact Weekend 2022


Looking for a mid-semester break for your students? Impact Weekend is your best option!

Designed to bring your students back together with other churches from the OKC Metro area, students will have a mid-semester break to recenter their lives back on Jesus. Impact Weekend will be filled with fun, fellowship and a focus on glorifying Jesus. Students will stay at host homes designated by age and gender from leaders in our church. The event kicks off on Friday February 4 and ends after worship on Sunday Feburary 6. 

Event Dates: February 4-6, 2022

Speaker: Randy Kendrix – Pastor at FBC Madill

Band: Stephen Throne Band

Registration Deadline: Feb.4, 2022

Cost: $26 per person

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Falls Creek 2022

Falls Creek Youth Camp exists to support Grace Place Student Ministry’s efforts to reach lost students in their communities and to raise up a generation of teenagers with an authentic walk with God and who actively share their faith.

The yearly theme is selected from a three-year cycle emphasizing root issues in the Christian student’s journey:

(1) Knowing the Character and Nature of God
(2) Spiritual Disciplines
(3) Evangelism

The morning schedule is designed for believers. We hope to challenge them to walk with God, share their faith in Christ more consistently, and to know God more deeply through relevant worship and creative Biblical teaching. The afternoon schedule is designed to involve students in a myriad of activities which engage them physically, socially, and spiritually. These activities are designed to help students interact with one another in both fun and contemplative ways. During the evening tabernacle services on Tuesday through Friday nights, the gospel will be clearly presented and students will be provided with an opportunity to respond.

Throughout the week of camp, there is a high priority on Scripture, worship, relationships within the local church, and opportunities for students and sponsors to sharpen their skills and prepare to consistently serve God after camp. Falls Creek is a camp designed to reach and equip the students of Oklahoma, but it is open to churches across the nation who share the Biblical values of the churches of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

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Date: July 25-30

Cost: $75

Weekly Schedule

Small Groups

Sunday @ 9:30am

(Located in Student Building)


Sunday morning Bible study is a great opportunity for our students to hear truth and discuss how that applies in their lives. Our groups are divided by age and gender for the purpose of aimed and open discussion. 


Sunday @ 10:45am


We encourage our students to be a part of the corporate worship. It is our desire that they engage, find fellowship by worshipping alongside their families, and those who are not a part of the student ministry. Students can learn a lot by watching those around them worship.

MidWeek Worship

Wednesday @ 6:30pm

(Located in Student Building)


MidWeek Worship is the best way for your student to engage others here at Grace Place. This night consists of games, sometimes food, worship through music, and a text-driven bible lesson; all of this is aimed to connect students to each other and to Christ. 


What role do you play in your student’s spiritual formation? Woven throughout the Bible we see parents as the primary disciplers for their kids (Prov. 1:8; Ps. 78:1–8; Eph. 6:4). The single most important social influence on the religious and spiritual lives of adolescents is the parents. The best social predictor, although not a guarantee, of what the religious and spiritual lives of youth will look like is what the religious and spiritual lives of their parents do look like. Our goal is to equip parents to produce equipped teenagers who will eventually parent in a similar fashion. Multi-generational discipleship until Christ returns—that’s the end goal. Each month we will cue you with topics of discussion for you and your student around the dinner table and on the way to practice.  

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Contact Student Pastor, Boomer Butler, boomer@graceplacechurch.org or by phone at 580-379-7244.

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