Prayer is our response to the Character of God.  As we get to know the God Who Is, we will naturally respond to Him.  This response is called prayer.  Here are some elements of Prayer that may guide us.

Praise is our response to the person, presence, position, power, greatness, majesty, and the love of God.  “Great is the Lord, and highly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable.”  Ps. 145:3

Thanksgiving is our response to the goodness, graciousness of God.

Confession is our response to the holiness of God.

Intercession is our response to the love of God for all people, especially those in His family.

Petition is our response to the power and wisdom of God, who is our Heavenly Father.


The Grace Place Prayer Room is open during office hours for you to come and pray.  The prayer room is intended to be a place that is inviting and conducive to meeting with the Lord. It is also designed with elements in the room that are interactive and engaging.

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