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We believe God designed the family to be the primary disciple-making relationship. In other words, God gave parents the privilege of nurturing faith in the next generation. That’s why the Faith Path was created, as a step-by-step plan to help you be intentional as you prepare for key faith milestones and foster spiritual disciplines in your child’s faith journey.


The Faith Path strategy is intended to help you develop a clear plan to intentionally point your child toward Christ in an age appropriate manner. We hope that you are naturally exposing your child to many of these faith practices from an early age. The Faith Path recommends focusing on particular practices or preparing for certain milestones at specific ages and stages. We will provide you with free kits that include training, resources and ideas to help you guide your child along the path.


You can start today regardless of your child’s age or stage of development. Don’t worry if you miss a step or if you start the process with an older child. You can always go back and emphasize earlier steps. We also encourage you to reinforce these practices as your child matures rather than view them as a one-time emphasis. You’ll find recommended resources and ideas for beginning each step in your child’s life and continuing as he or she matures at our Grace@Home Center.

grace@home center

Providing both free resources and items for purchase. These resources will help you on your journey to authentic faith, one home at a time – beginning in your home.

It is the resource center for Grace@Home items, come by to peruse the free brochures covering a variety of topics… Our desire is to help you in your faith journey – and this center will help us do that.

Families – Stop by the Grace@Home Center located in the Foyer for free resources and ideas or download online.

Faith Path steps

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Pointers are available at our Grace@Home Center or you can download below for insights and suggestions on specific family situations.


We pray that these Faith Talks will equip you to make your home a place where you are even more intentional about talking and applying God’s Word for His glory. 

 Weekly Faith Talks for adults & students, as well as families with children are available in the bulletin.

Adult/Student Faith Talks

Kid Faith Talks